get basic isnt it

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  • NS BASIC Corporation NS Basic/Palm 7.0.0001

    The handy software NS BASIC Corporation NS Basic/Palm is capable of providing you all the features that are required for downloading applications in
  • JetAudio Basic 6.2.4 BASIC 6.2.4

    JetAudio is integrated, multimedia software made up of a single compact rack. Not only does it play various music and video files, it also has
  • CS-RCS Basic 1.01

    CS-RCS Basic - General-purpose document revision management and software configuration management. Fully integrated with the Windows Explorer.
  • Pi-Vu Basic

    Pi-Vu Basic comes to you as the next generation surveillance product of SEEnergy Inc. which is developed with high performance and ease-of-use
  • Basic DJ 1.5

    A powerful DJ multi-sound card player Basic DJ is a powerful DJ mixing software product. It has been designed for the Professional or Hobbyist DJ
  • L-Basic 1.23

    Visual Basic Programming Tutorial L-Basic is a Basic language tutorial program. L-Basic emphasizes teaching proper Basic programming concepts
  • Just BASIC 1.01

    Easy, personal Windows programming in BASIC! Just BASIC is an ideal personal Windows programming tool and tutorial. Great for light programming
  • ET Basic 1.0.1

    ET Basic is a Home & Education software developed by Gwytech Systems Inc. After our trial and test, the software is proved to be official, secure and
  • pic BASIC

    Simple Picture Viewer. Can open and view images stored on the hard drive. Can be
  • Basic CMS -

    Free web content management System Features ??? Features of the Basic CMS: Easy to install, simply copy the files into a folder and it's ready to
  • RoX BASIC 1.02

    RoX BASIC is a Simple compiler to make EXE with language BASIC. It is NOT a scripting language: RoX BASIC compiles to a p-code that is executed by a
  • The Hot Mix Basic 1.0

    The Basic version is the easiEST to run DJ application for the novice
  • BASIC-256 0.9.2

    BASIC-256 is an easy to use version of BASIC designed to teach young children the basics of computer programming. It uses traditional control
  • ASL Basic 1.1

    ASL Basic Now supports color & B&W! Learning the American Sign Language (ASL) now becomes easier with ASL Basic. You can easily at your own pace do a
  • Basic PHP CMS -

    Fast and Simple ??? Basic PHP CMS is a basic Content Management Application based on php and MySQL. Designed to be quick, simple and efficient
  • SheerPower 4GL -- Beyond BASIC 3.5

    SheerPower 4GL is the Next Generation Programming Language for Windows. SheerPower is a full development language, but shares many advantages with
  • Outlook-Plus Basic 2.1.49

    With Outlook-Plus you can: - View and maintain the same contacts on several Outlook clients - Share a Outlook folder structure (like Public Folders in
  • Pop-Up Stopper Basic 2.40.1000

    Stop Internet Explorer pop-up windows with this handy browser toolbar for Internet Explorer, now with Windows XP support! Pop-Up Stopper Basic
  • HoursClocked-Basic 001-003-012

    Time clock hours converter and calculator. Data can be 24 or 12 hour formats. Both daily and weekly overtime limits can be set. High and low warning
  • IPSwitcher Basic 1.3.13

    Are you a mobile user? Do you need to use your computer in more than one network? Do you have multiple types of Internet connections? IPSwitcher Basic
  • Omega Basic 1.0

    Omega Basic is a programming language which gives you freedom to create your own games and applications for mobile phones and pda's. Based on the
  • Kalimages Basic 1.0

    With Kalimages Basic, make your photo collection more accessible, searchable, navigable creating a pictures database with preview, thumbnails,
  • RahmanImager Basic 2.0.1

    RahmanImager Basic is an advanced full featured digital Image processing and Manipulation platform with support for layers, vast arrays of filters,
  • Chat80 Basic

    Chat80 brings totally new and superior approach making your chatting easier and faster than ever! Chat80 Basic is fast, intuitive and reliable HTML
  • Basic Icon Set 1.2

    Get your program a fresh look and feel using a new set of icons. The set includes the most frequently used toolbar and menu icons. All Windows XP
  • abylon BASIC 9.0

    The protection of your sensitive data is often disregarded. But the encrypting of diaries, pictures or other secret documents with the AES- or
  • EZ IE Backup Basic 1.21

    EZ IE Backup makes it easy to backup your favorites and cookies to a ZIP archive and works with the Windows Task Scheduler to provide an automated
  • Net.Ex Pro (Basic Edition) 1.0.1019

    Net.Ex Pro come in 2 Editions, the Basic Edition and the Ultra Edition. The Basic Edition is the free version with some restricted functionalities and
  • FaultWire Basic

    FaultWire Basic delivers solutions you need fast! When a Windows or application error or warning message appears, with one-click, the FaultWire
  • Browser Basic 1.4

    Browser Basic is an Internet Based, Rapid Application Development System for the Browser. It allows the easy design and development of Browser Based
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  • Yadabyte Shhh 1.0

    Yadabyte Shhh!!! is an occasional use, simple, portable and secure text based encryption app. It provides lifestyle encryption of text such as emails, credit card details or MSN messages. It isnt PGP but with AES 256 if
  • Mario Game: Super Mario Recreated 1.0

    Credit to trisoft for the engine, jouw for the tiles and oldskoolmario for the sprites.There is no story. Its just all mario levels, as of now there isnt much, i will update it
  • Fishy Valentines Day 1.0

    Even the fish want to celebrate Valentines Day, so these two little cuties, are giving each other a little smooch. Music By Kenny Rogers and Dottie Wes, Anyone Who isnt Me Tonight. Enjoy,
  • Castle Survivors 1.0

    Survive Make a hero and thrive! and no this isnt a maze!!! Category: Other Tileset: Dalaran Dimensions: 160x160 Playable Area: 157x154 Recommended Players: v.05 This map was designed by
  • erb - Empty Recycle Bin 1.6.2

    A small utility that can empty the recycle bin and the clipboard. When emptying the recycle bin it calls Shell32.dll and this dll does the rest. So things happen through Windows itself. The registry isnt touched. A local
  • L-Basic 1.23

    Visual basic Programming Tutorial L-basic is a basic language tutorial program. L-basic emphasizes teaching proper basic programming concepts rather than how to use visual controls. L-basic will help you understand
  • Crazy Factory 1.0

    Learn the basics of Sales and Marketing, motivate your employees and start selling wacky products: futuristic latrines, roller-blades and android home helps!Target our consumers and anticipate their every desireAnd if
  • A Haunted Halloween ScreenSaver 1.00

    A great Halloween Screensaver that isnt too scary. Its got all the elements with half the horror. Characters include mummies, vampire bats, monsters, zombies, witches, spiders, rats and more. Perfect for families,
  • WB Wandering Horse 2.1

    Winter forest in a frosty haze... Winter forest in a frosty haze .May be it is a magic forest? And if you have indeed found yourself in such a strange place, for sure it isnt accidentally. So may be The Horse that
  • Aurel Basic RC2 Build 1 2

    Aurel basic is simple programming tool wich is made for beginers in programing world. He is dialect of basic , and like other basic languages he share his simple sintax and philosophie of programming.This software is
  • Visual Basic Programmers Essential Toolkit 1.53

    Visual basic Programmers Essential Toolkit 1.53 provides you with an open collection of more than 235 new commands for the Visual basic Developer (Visual basic, Visual basic for Applications, and Visual basic Scripting).
  • Battle Tanks Future-Mod 1.0

    we modded an older version and made a btanks, which is different from the normal one. We changed the terrain, put in some new weapons and... IMPORTANT!!! if you buy a new tank lie down all your weapons! sometimes it
  • WndHop 1.0

    WndHop allows you to automatically move the active window by hitting the WINDOWS_KEY + ENTER_KEY When you have multi-monitors, you often want to move windows amongst them. Its a bit tedious and inefficient to always do
  • Podcasting for Fun and Profit

    Who Else Wants To Start Make Money The Easy Way By Podcasting? How Would You Like To Quit Your Slave Wage Day Job- And Start Making A Residual Income That Can Make All Of Your Dreams Come True... The income, job
  • VB6TOCS 2.5.3115

    VB6TOCS is an assistant tool that converts Visual basic 6.0 projects to Visual C# .NET. VB6TOCS creates a new project, converts each file from the original project(.vbp) into the new project(.csproj), and generates a
  • BASIC Stamp Editor 2.5.3

    The basic Stamp Windows Editor supports all the basic Stamp modules including the basic Stamp 1 module in the Windows environment (assuming that you have the required BS1 Serial Adapter or the BS1 Project Board).The
  • Bloobs 2.30

    The goal of this game is to clear the screen of pieces (called Bloobs). A surprisingly addictive and challenging game in which you have to put together three or more of the same pieces to eliminate them. Win the game by
  • Great Cow Graphical BASIC 0.9

    Great Cow Graphical basic is an icon based program editor. It allows you to create Great Cow basic programs without having to memorise commands. You can even copy and paste between Great Cow Graphical basic and a text
  • Zero Spelling 6.4

    ZERO uses the look say cover write check method.Players are shown a word, the word is spoken within a sentence then the word is hidden and the player must type it in within 15 seconds. If it isnt typed within the time
  • Natural Skin Care 2.0

    There are six reasons why store-bought skin care products may not be a good idea and the most important is that they can be dangerous to your health since theyre usually loaded with toxic, untested chemicals. Fact: NO
  • NS BASIC Corporation NS Basic/Palm 7.0.0001

    The handy software NS basic Corporation NS basic/Palm is capable of providing you all the features that are required for downloading applications in Palm devices. You cannot only use it for writing and testing basic
  • Learn Visual Basic .NET 2

    Learn Visual basic .NET is a useful and easy application that has an introduction to computer programming that provides an interactive, self-paced tutorial to the Visual basic .NET programming language and environment.
  • ALiTech - Basic HTML 1.0

    ALiTech - basic HTML is a free and reliable ebook which teaches you about html editing. If you want to create a website without any basic HTML knowledge, then I assure you will expect problems with building your site.
  • Liberty Basic ToolBox 1.0

    Liberty basic ToolBox is a complete Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the Liberty basic language. With Liberty basic ToolBox, you can visually design your program window by placing all controls on a form,
  • Get The Best Anti Spam Software Available With SpamItBack!

    Have you been looking for a way to stop receiving spam to your email inbox? Maybe the junk filter isnt quite doing the job you expect? Well, now you can get the best anti spam software available, and all for free!Why are
  • Maria Basic Interpreter

    Maria basic Interpreter is a command-line programming tool - interpreter designed to help all PDA users easily code formula/calculations procedures that can be executed on their handheld devices improoving their
  • Basic Developer Toolkit 1.2.4

    The basic Developer Toolkit, a set of Eclipse plug-ins, gives programmers the ability to explore UniVerse resources, and edit, compile and debug code in the UniVerse basic language that supports their server-side
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0

    Microsoft Visual basic is a computer programming language used to develop programs and applications used on Windows operating systems. Visual basic is a component of Visual Studio, and can be used in conjunction with
  • Run-Time Redistribution Pack NETFX3.0_0407

    vbrun60sp6.exe is a self-extracting executable file that installs versions of the Microsoft Visual basic run-time files required by all applications created with Visual basic 6.0. The files include the fixes shipped
  • GameHike

    GameHike is a tool for all that allows you to modify your computers settings to increase gaming performance. No modifications to your hardware are made and all adjustments and settings are done in an easy to use